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We Put Your Essential HR Functions At Your Fingertips

A few words about us

Meet Jennifer Davis Cain, President of Human Resources Solutions, LLC with over 20 years of Human Resources experience. Jennifer has worked for many organizations in a Union and Non-Union environment and knows first hand about the challenges of managing the forever changing landscape known as Human Resources. This is why Jennifer has developed this website and is excited to introduce to HR professionals and other professionals charged with overseeing the HR functions of their company, to the HR Support Center.

The HR Support Center offers two levels of support, our “Basic Program” and our “HR On-Demand Program“. Each providing the opportunity to subscribe to the level of HR support you need for your company. Allowing 24/7 access to HR tools and information.

The HR Support Center offers a suite of powerful online tools to keep you in compliance. Our web based applications help to simplify your HR administrative tasks. How much is your time worth?

Our Mission

To provide affordable, up-to-date, and essential HR products and services for small to mid-size companies. To offer effective time management and reliable 24/7 access to a host of HR resources that will keep you informed, productive and in compliance.

Our Membership Programs

HR Support Center’s Basic Program

Monthly Fee: $32.00

Annual Fee: $320.00

HR Support Center’s On-Demand Program

The On-Demand Program offers exclusive access to the following and includes the services offered under the Basic Program:

Ask the Hr Pro

Submit UNLIMITED confidential questions to our HR Professionals, and receive a personal response by phone or email within a single business day.

Document Customization

Our HR experts will design UNLIMITED custom HR forms, job descriptions and HR-related letters to meet your needs.

Employee Handbook Development

Schedule a personal appointment with our experts to develop a custom Employee Handbook and a plan for implementation.

Monthly Fee: $42.00

Annual Fee: $420.00